Approved Teacher Training  Requirements

Here are the requirements for becoming an Approved Teacher:

  1. Graduate from a BCTA/NA Approved Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Program (700 hours), in the presence of a BCTA/NA Approved Teacher.

  2. Be an RCST® member of BCTA/NA, in good standing.

  3. Develop a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Clinical Practice (3 years)

    State on the honor of your word that you have completed a minimum of three (3) years of clinical practice, averaging at least 5 sessions a week or totaling at least 700 sessions. This practice requirement starts upon graduation from a BCST certification program. It may be completed as a Teaching Assistant or Teacher Trainee.

  4. Teaching Assistantship (350 hours)

    Participate as a teaching assistant in a complete certification foundation training program taught by a BCTA/NA approved teacher. (This represents a second full training for an applicant.) As a Teaching Assistant you will receive mentoring and supervision from the teacher and/or other qualified persons throughout the training. The Teaching Assistantship includes 100% classroom attendance, full attendance at teaching team meetings, review of student homework, and co-facilitating small tutorial groups.

  5. Teacher Trainee Experience (700 hours)

    Participate as a Teacher Trainee in a second complete training taught by a BCTA/NA approved teacher. (This represents a third training cycle for a teacher applicant.) 

    This phase of the teaching training program begins after completion of at least half of your Teaching Assistantship. The Teacher Trainee Experience includes all activities in which the Teaching Assistant engages, plus participation in curriculum development for the overall course and each teaching module, and supervised teaching with formal feedback from your mentor and other teaching team members. A minimum of at least seven presentations is required; ideally, the Teacher Trainee will do a portion of teaching in each module.

  6. Approved Mentorship

    A Teacher Trainee must be in a mentoring/supervision relationship at all levels of their training and preparation for approval. Your Mentor Teacher will act as a guide through the Standards of Practitioner Competencies and Code of Ethics and help you learn to establish the discipline necessary to unfold the material - in its implicit psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions - and to navigate the various layers inherent in biodynamic craniosacral therapy.

    The Mentor and the Teacher Trainee begin by mutually agreeing  on a specific set of goals. The Mentor must also explore the question, “Why me?” What qualities do I embody that the Teacher Trainee is most seeking to learn?

    Teaching biodynamic craniosacral therapy is both an art and a craft, a learned skill. Through the various levels of the Teacher training, BCTA/NA recognizes that a Teacher Trainee may form different mentoring relationships and receive supervision from more than one source. Supervision and mentoring shifts to one primary mentor as the Teacher Trainee moves closer to approval status.

All Approved Teachers are required to:

  • Remain a BCTA/NA RCST® member in good standing
  • Follow BCTA/NA Guidelines for Education and Standards of Practitioner Competencies.
  • Adhere to the BCTA/NA Code of Ethics
  • Debrief a minimum of one hour with the entire teaching team at the end of each training module in the 700-hour training.
  • Remain in email contact with the organization.
  • It is strongly recommended that Teachers regularly attend BCTA/NA Breath of Life Conferences and teacher meetings. Teacher meetings are held online several times a year via Zoom.

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