Teacher Application Forms & Process


Approved Teacher Application Form (PDF)
Skills Self-Assessment Form (PDF)

Teacher Application and Skills Self-Assessment Forms should be printed and completed manually.

Peer Sponsor Evaluation Form (Online)
Student Evaluation Form (Online)

Peer Sponsor and Student Evaluation Forms should be completed online by peer sponsors and students.
For your reference only, you may wish to download a PDF of the Student Evaluation Form.


You can find a handy Application Checklist on page 11 of the Guide to Becoming an Approved BCST Teacher.

At the beginning of your teacher training:

  • Submit a "Letter of Intent" to notify BCTA/NA of your intention to become an Approved Teacher and why you are interested in entering the Teacher Training program.
  • Contact the BCTA/NA Administrative office to schedule a welcome interview. At this interview you will speak with a member of the Teacher Support Committee, who will help guide your application process and answer any questions you may have. 
  • Read the Skills Self Assessment Form.
  • You must be an RCST® member of BCTA/NA, in good standing.

During your Teacher training:

  • Solicit Student Feedback Forms (online). After completing at least seven (7) Mentor-supervised curriculum presentations during class, you are expected to have students complete a confidential Online Student Feedback Form. A feedback form must be submitted by each student in the class. In addition please submit a class roster and the location of the class. Students are not required to put their names on the confidential evaluation form. If a student does not wish to fill out a form, that must be noted on the roster. For your reference only, you may wish to download a PDF of the Feedback Form.
Online Student Evaluation Form
  • Solicit the Peer Sponsor Form (online)
Online Peer Sponsor Form

At the end of your training:

  • Complete the Teacher Application Form. The form is a printable PDF that you can fill out, scan and email to BCTA/NA ([email protected]), with your Skills Assessment Form.
Teacher Approval Application Form PDF
  • Complete the Skills Self-Assessment Form. This confidential self-assessment covers each of the major competencies within the Standards of Practitioner Competencies of the BCTA/NA.  It is a self evaluation of the applicant’s ability across a broad spectrum of skills necessary in teaching biodynamic craniosacral therapy. It is not intended as a test of one’s ability, but rather an instrument that shows where assistance may be needed in the growth and development of the applicant’ s teaching career. The Teacher Application Approval Committee acknowledges that teaching and the skills necessary to manage a classroom full of adult learners takes many years to master and is a lifelong learning process.
Skills Self-Assessment Form (PDF)
  • Provide a Mentor/Supervisor Recommendation.  This is a letter from your primary BCTA/NA Approved Teacher Mentor/Supervisor, clearly stating they believe you have met all of the BCTA/NA requirements for teacher approval, and giving unequivocal support for you to become an Approved Teacher.

    The Mentor plays a crucial role in the approval process for applicants. The Mentor evaluates the applicant’s ability to teach craniosacral therapy and offer any other life and/or career experience that may complement any of the teacher approval criteria. The Mentor creates a composite picture of the Teacher Trainee applicant for the Teacher Application Approval Committee based upon documentation submitted by the applicant. The Mentor is expected to ensure the applicant’s understanding of the Standards of Practitioner Competencies and Code of Ethics.

Submit your Approved Teacher Application

Please contact the BCTA/NA Administrator for instructions on how to submit your Teacher application and supporting documentation, and to address any questions you may have.

APPLICATION FEE:  $100  (non-refundable)
To pay by check (U.S. banks only), please enclose your check (with the notation ‘New Teacher application fee’) with your application. Or, if you wish to pay the application fee online by credit card, please click here.

PROCESSING TIME: Up to 45 days from the date all required documents have been received
The Teacher Application Approval Committee will review your application and send a recommendation to the BCTA/NA Board of Directors, who will vote on applications during their next monthly Board meeting. 

MEMBERSHIP FEE: A newly Approved Teacher will remit the financial difference between a $145 RCST® membership and the $230 Teacher membership fee ($85.00 US). To pay the $85 membership change fee online by credit card, please click here. To pay by check (U.S. banks only) please make a notation ‘Change Membership to Teacher’) and contact us for a mailing address.

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