Mentorship for the Global Majority

If you are a Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color (BIPOC) RCST® and would like to become an Approved Teacher, we invite you to apply to the Mentorship for the Global Majority Pilot Program.

This program is a 2.5 year teacher mentorship training track. The pilot is designed specifically for BIPOC RCSTs who are experienced in individual and group dynamics, the relational field, and facilitation skills. To facilitate a trainee mentor relationship conducive to a positive effective teacher trainee experience, the Pilot Program committee gathers information from mentee and mentor applications and schedules a conversation with each applicant to address their questions and discuss their aspirations.

The current Pilot Program is now full.
New application submissions will open at the end of 2026, when the current pilot program has been completed.
If you are interested in beginning the standard teacher training track instead, please contact us for information.

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