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Esoteric Explorations of The Heart, The Brain Ventricles, and CSF in the Biodynamic Perception and Practice ~ Two-Part Series from Michael Dunning, RCST®

photo of michael dunning standing amongst the treesRecorded live June 19 & 26, 2024

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Join us for this two-part course to gain a deeper perceptual understanding of the dynamic morphology/embryology of the brain ventricles, CSF and the heart that will enhance your biodynamic practice. Learn the historic connections between the western mystery/hermetic tradition and the evolution of biodynamic craniosacral therapy via Sutherland’s osteopathic work. 

Focusing on the brain ventricles, the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), and the heart, Michael will demonstrate how esoteric ideas and sensibilities can greatly enhance our practical and perceptual abilities and should be reclaimed for the biodynamic craniosacral community. Facing the growing epidemic of metabolic and inflammatory diseases affecting our clients, we need these ancient skills more than ever!

Part One will focus on the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) & Ventricles - CSF, the choroid plexus & biodynamic perception - Widening our biodynamic horizons. Demonstration included.

Part Two will focus on the Blood and the heart - the cardiovascular system and biodynamic perception - Widening our biodynamic horizons. Demonstration included. 

Michael Dunning, RCST® was called to study craniosacral work in the early 1990’s during a prolonged health crisis that led him to an ancient female yew tree in Scotland. Michael spent over 9 years healing and learning from the tree. After completing craniosacral training, Michael became interested in the paradigm of biodynamic craniosacral therapy. The fundamental principles of the biodynamic work more accurately reflected his experiences with the yew tree. By the early 2000’s Michael had emigrated to the USA.Today, Michael runs a busy biodynamic craniosacral practice in western Massachusetts on the banks of the majestic Connecticut River.

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