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2023 Related Offerings

APRIL 20 - 23, 2023

Thomas Walker, RCST®
Offering Title: Integrating Craniosacral Biodynamics and Manual Therapy - Module 1
Offering Fee: $650.00 USD 
Offering Location: School of Inner Health, Denver, CO
Contact:  Thomas Walker
970-870-2888 | Email Website
Additional Information:  
We will explore using Biodynamic principles developed in your RCST training to more efficiently engage the physical and fluid bodies. If the form is distorted, some outside input can dramatically speed the restoration of its original conformation and permit its return to full expression of life force. You will learn how to ease spinal troubles, decompress and untwist bones, find the midlines of joints, address the physical aspects of trauma, and experience the seamless continuity of fascia and fluids. You will learn how to help the body to have more order, balance, harmony, and flow.




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