RCST® Membership Requirements & Application

Pre-requisites for becoming a Registered Craniosacral Therapist (RCST®) are met through graduation from a Foundation Training with a BCTA/NA Approved Teacher/s Foundation Training.

All BCTA/NA Approved Teacher Foundation Trainings’ curriculum shall include and shall be taught in accordance with the BCTA/NA Standards of PracticeCore Curriculum & Competencies, and Code of Ethics.

BCTA/NA Approved Teacher Foundation Training Requirements for RCST® approval are:

  • 700 hour, 50 day Foundation Training (see below for details)
  • At least one BCTA/NA Approved Teacher must be physically present for the entirety of every module within the Foundation Training Program.
  • Student to teach team ratio is 5:1. Teaching team consists of Approved Teacher/s, Teacher Assistant/s, and/or Teacher Trainee/s.

The BCTA/NA Approved Teacher Foundation Training requirements for RCST® application eligibility are:

  • 350 classroom hours
  • 150 hours Home Study
  • 150 hours practice sessions
  • 40 hour project
  • 10 hours of personal sessions received from an RCST®
  • Foundation Training Module Information Form
  • Certificate of Completion of a Foundation Training
  • Letter of Recommendation from the BCTA/NA Approved Teacher

RCST® Application

Once you have completed the above RCST application requirements, please visit the RCST® Application page to submit your application.

Complete the RCST® Application

RCST® is a registered trademark of BCTA/NA in North America. In the U.S. and Canada, the RCST designation may be used only by BCTA/NA-approved RCST® Professional Members in good standing.