BCTA/NA is pleased to offer this special online class for both BCTA/NA members and nonmembers.


Re-Imagine Promoting Your Practice

This class was originally scheduled for July 9 & 16, and has been rescheduled to August 6 & 13

NEW DATES: Thursdays, August 6 & 13, 2020
12 - 3 pm Pacific (3 - 6 pm Eastern)

As a holistic practitioner are you finding the rest of the world just doesn’t understand what you offer and how it can benefit them?

You’re probably asking yourself questions like:

How do I attract the right clients to my practice?

If I don’t lead with my title, how do I talk about my work? 

And in this ever-changing world, how do I remain relevant and keep giving my services even in the midst of uncertainty?

This is why we created “Re-Imagine Promoting Your Practice,” a 2-part series with leader, speaker, and Spiritual Business Integrator, Starr Sheppard-Decker. 

In this online learning experience, Starr will show you how to:

  • talk about your work as a conversation-starter (not a conversation ender) 
  • identify your people and start speaking to them through your messaging online and in person  
  • set up the tools and strategies needed for an online presence aligned with your values
  • shift how you think about tech so it isn’t the thing holding you back from serving your people

Plus, you’ll learn about the new paradigm of marketing that is a perfect fit for heart-led, mindful practitioners like you.

If you’re ready to get clear and feel confident about how to show up online & talk about your work to attract the perfect clients, then don’t wait! Register for this powerful training today.

A 2-part Series: Thursdays, August 6 & 13, 2020
12 - 3 pm Pacific (3 - 6 pm Eastern)
Tuition: $99 for BCTA/NA Members, $129 for Nonmembers

(Registration is now closed for this class)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


About Starr Sheppard-Decker

Starr (with two r’s) Sheppard-Decker is a natural-born leader, loving disruptor, and woman of many talents. She is the founder of Radical RevelationsRad Connections (previously Portland Lunch Meetup), and the Flow & Freedom Business Retreat. Starr speaks, leads, and sings professionally, has been studying personal & spiritual development for 20 years, and enjoys being a Spiritual Business Integrator for Coaches & Healers making a difference with their work.

After seeing clients for 6 years through the Centers for Spiritual Living, Starr walked away in 2015 to take her teachings out into the world. Her excitement and drive led her to invest in the best trainings in the industry as she spent years learning marketing, sales, and business from incredible mentors. She also applied her love of technology to learn how to build websites and automate her marketing and provide her services online.

Despite the powerful teachings and all the inner work she’d done, Starr’s old patterns kicked in, leading her to overwhelm, confusion, and self-sabotage. She nearly gave up her dream. Thanks to the deep connection to her true self and Spirit, Starr decided to apply all that she’d learned about inner work to the way she approached her business, and everything changed! She realized that the organizational aspect of her business could be every bit as rewarding as the services provided, and started aligning her systems and strategies with who she actually is, not who she thought she was supposed to be.

Now Starr is super passionate about supporting other coaches & healers who are bogged down, confused, or overwhelmed by the business operations of their practice. She helps them create strong foundations in their inner world and business back end so they can keep giving their gifts profitably and consistently. When Starr isn’t supporting others, you can often find her singing, hanging out with her husband of 18 years, her youngest of 3 kids, their kitty Aurora, or playing Nintendo.