Renewal Requirements for RCST® & Teacher Members

Each year, RCST® and Teacher members have until May 31 (when the membership year ends) to fulfill requirements for renewing their membership for the next year. 

Completion of renewal requirements demonstrates your commitment to the ongoing development of your BCST skills as well as your continued cultivation of self-awareness and self-care in relationships.

Renewing allows you to maintain your designation as a Registered Craniosacral Therapist (RCST®)


To renew for the next membership year, RCSTs are required to provide a record of completion of at least four (4) Self Development Activities during June 1 – May 31 of the previous year. Self Development Activities should expand the practitioner’s BCST working knowledge and advanced skills (or teaching proficiency, if applicable).

Your four (4) Self Development Activities may be completed either in person or online. These can include any of the activities listed below. You may submit four of the same type of activity, or a combination of any of them.

  • An individual consultation or mentoring session of at least one (1) hour with a BCTA/NA Approved Teacher, or a professional therapist, coach, spiritual counselor or other professional skilled in guiding self-reflection and inquiry.
  • Participation for a total of three (3) hours in a mentoring group led by a BCTA/NA approved Teacher, or professional therapist, coach, spiritual counselor or other professional skilled in guiding self-reflection and inquiry

  • Attendance in a course, webinar or presentation in any of the following areas:
    • Advanced BCST skills (Attend or watch recordings BCTA/NA Professional Enrichment Series webinars available here.)
    • Pre- and perinatal studies
    • Somatic Experiencing, or other somatic modality
    • Ethics for bodyworkers
    • Meditation workshop or guided program
    • Another field related to BCST
    • BCTA/NA Breath of Life Conference (Find Conference videos here.)
    • Assisting in a BCTA/NA Foundation Training Module
    • Attending any online workshop, class, or conference offered through BCTA/NA. (Upcoming special online offerings are listed here.
  • Self-study (at least 4 hours)
    • Read relevant texts or spend time reviewing BCST foundation texts. (Recommended books can be found here.)

 When you renew you will be asked to describe your four (4) Self Development Activities for the past membership year, including:

  • Type/name of session or training
  • Teacher or facilitator
  • Date(s) and number of hours
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.