Liability Insurance Options

Below is a list of organizations that offer liability insurance for craniosacral therapy as part of their member benefits. Visit their websites and/or contact them to learn more and determine if they meet your needs. When selecting an organization for your liability insurance, be sure to be familiar with any regulations that govern bodywork in your state and city.

American Massage Therapy Association

Professional liability insurance is available to US and Canadian RCST® members who are massage therapists, at a discount through the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). BCTA/NA members receive a discounted rate of $179 for AMTA membership. To enroll with this discounted annual fee, call AMTA 1-877-905-0577 and submit your BCTA/NA member registration number. Members receive  liability insurance, full AMTA membership benefits and merchant discounts. Visit the AMTA website for the complete list.

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals

Membership that includes professional liability insurance is available to BCTA/NA RCST® members at a discounted rate of $175 (as of 2019).  To join with this discounted annual fee, call ABMP at 1-800-458-2267 for information and to request your discount. You may be required to have a massage license/certification. For more information about ABMP, visit

Massage Magazine Insurance Plus 

Massage Magazine offers professional massage therapy insurance (with coverage for craniosacral therapy) at an affordable rate of $159 for the first year (as of April 2020). If you mention you heard about them from BCTA/NA you might be able to get a discount on your annual premium. Learn more at

Preventative Health Services Group (Canada)

Preventative Health Services Group (PHSG) offers a reasonable rate for liability insurance for Canadians, with coverage for multiple modalities. As of 2019, the yearly rate is $175 (plus taxes where applicable) for the basic coverage. There are upgrade options if more coverage. For more information visit the PHSG website or contact George Karamis at 1-416-423-2765 or [email protected].

Energy Medicine Professional Association (EMPA)

The EMPA is a partner with the Healing Touch Program, EFT and the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP), and offers liability insurance for craniosacral therapy.  EMPA does not require  a massage license to obtain their liability insurance, if city or state does not require one to perform craniosacral therapy. In states that require any kind of licensing to practice your modality, EMPA expects your compliance. For more information, visit

BCTA/NA members can receive a 10% discount on the cost of insurance through EMPA.

To join EMPA and take advantage of the discount, click here

Hands On Trade Association

The Hands On Trade Association offers liability insurance for massage, bodywork, energy work, and manual therapy professionals. They also have a Student to Professional membership option. A massage license is not needed to purchase insurance unless your state or city requires one to perform craniosacral therapy.  For more information, visit