Liability Insurance

American Massage Therapy Association

Professional liability insurance is available to our US and Canadian RCST® members at a discount through the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). 

AMTA provides RCST® members with liability insurance and full AMTA membership benefits and merchant discounts. Visit the AMTA website for the complete list.

BCTA/NA members receive a discounted rate of $179 for AMTA membership, including liability insurance and AMTA member benefits. To enroll with this discounted annual fee, call AMTA 1-877-905-0577 and submit your BCTA/NA member registration number.

Liability insurance includes: Coverage of up to $2 million per occurrence/$6 million aggregate for professional liability, general liability, products and personal injury.  You will be able to download your Certificate of Insurance free from the AMTA website.

Preventative Health Services Group (Canada)

Preventative Health Services Group (PHSG) offers a reasonable rate for liability insurance for Canadians, with coverage for multiple modalities. The yearly rate is $175 (plus taxes where applicable) for the basic coverage. There are upgrade options if more coverage. For more information visit the PHSG website or contact George Karamis at 1-416-423-2765 or [email protected].