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Join us to hear experienced BCTA/NA teachers speak on topics to enrich your Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) practice and study.  

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A Biodynamic Rite of Passage, a Tribute to Jim Jealous, DOwith Michael Shea ,PhD RCST®, LMT, held November 11, 2021.

Recordings of Past Webinars

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A Biodynamic Rite of Passage, a Tribute to Jim Jealous, DO

with Michael J. Shea

Held November 11, 2021 ~  Register below to gain access to a recording of this webinar.
The recording is available until December 11, 2021 (unlimited access for RCST & Teacher members of BCTA/NA).
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This webinar is about a biodynamic clinical session being a Rite of Passage. It is a three-step process of perception and prayer. Integrating factors from medical and cultural anthropology into a contemporary biodynamic practice includes the following:

1. The Neutral: When the wind and waves of stress physiology in the client begin to settle by attunement to the therapist’s state of abiding in the calmness and serenity of not knowing how to help, a neutral is perceived. This is a slowing down in the relational field and a stillpoint capable of expanding to the horizon. This is the wind of space opening the door to transformation determined by the intelligence of the elements.

2. Ignition is about the wind of fire. The fire element needs to be contained and redirected in between the core of the body: the pleural, pericardial and peritoneal cavities, and the sleeve of the body consisting of the muscular skeletal system and skin.

3. The Health: The last stage is the wind of space deeply manifesting it’s grace and sacred sound located in the inner heart and the entire rhythmic pulsation of the vascular system. This is the Health, a mind balanced by the wind of space in the heart and lower dantian. This is called potency in osteopathy. All movement is motivated by the wind as Primary Respiration. It is centered by the element of space, a self-knowing, non-thought awareness called the dynamic stillness.

Michael Shea, PhD, RCST®, LMT,  is one of the preeminent educators and authors in the fields of somatic psychology, myofascial release and craniosacral therapy. He leads seminars throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. Dr. Shea received his master’s degree in Buddhist Psychology at Naropa University, and a doctorate in Somatic Psychology at The Union Institute. His books include: Somatic Psychology and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy – Volume 1 through 5, Myofascial Release Therapy and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy: The Heart of the Practice. Learn more about Michael's work at


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 A Message to Our Community: Professional Enrichment Program Tuition for 2021

In 2020, due to the world pandemic, we were pleased to introduce Professional Enrichment Series webinars as support and education at no charge for all of our members and colleagues worldwide. We are extremely grateful to the presenters who donated their time, and to those participants who contributed to the administrative costs of this program. To continue offering this program in 2021, we find we must charge a small fee for some webinars to cover our additional expenses.

If you are a BCTA/NA Professional Member (RCST® or Approved Teacher) these webinars will continue to be part of the membership benefits included in your annual membership fee.

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BCTA/NA RCST® & Approved Teacher Members:
Tuition + unlimited access to recording are included in Membership Benefits
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BCTA/NA Student , Associate & Affiliate Members: $10
CSTA & PACT Members: $10

You can access free recordings of the 2020 Professional Enrichment Series webinars here.


2020 Professional Enrichment Webinars (available to all)

2021 Enrichment Webinars

(Please log in to access recordings available to RCST® and Teacher members only.)

The Breath & Its Connection to Autonomic Nervous System Balance, with Josef Steiner, RCST®, TRE (RCST & Teacher members only)

An Appreciation of the Teachings of Rollin Becker, DOwith Scott Zamurut (RCST & Teacher members only)

Dynamic Equilbrium Centering Practicewith Roger Gilchrist (available to all)

Three Stone Stories: About Resourcing and Secure Attachmentwith Brigit Viksnins (RCST & Teacher members only)

The Contributions of Robert Fulford, DO, to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, with Roger Gilchrist (RCST & Teacher members only).


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