Below is a recording of the keynote presentation delivered by Paula Potts, RCST® at the 2021 Global Breath of Life Virtual Conference on September 9, 2021. 

Embracing Change

About Paula Potts, M.Ed., RCST®, BCPP

Paula Potts is an author, poet, healing arts practitioner and creator of the #FeelBETTERChallenge: Self-Care Practices for Daily Living-A Call to Action. Paula credits energy medicine as the life-saving treatment process that restored her health, her vitality and her return to purposeful living after a decade long struggle with disability and dis-ease.Paula has published three books which serve as invitations to “feel better”:  a memoir, Yesterday When I Was CRAZY: A Sacred Contract with HEALING, and two poetry books. The most recent, ZEN-Tabulous: The New Age FABULOUS, was completed during the pandemic to support the idea that “good things can be born during chaotic times”. Paula enjoys many passions as a music producer and jewelry designer with her daughter and business partner, Sylver Logan Sharp.  Learn more about Paula at