The Ordering Principles of the Field

by Dominique Clothiaux, RCST® 

For the first time, August 2012, Tufts University biologists have reported that bioelectrical signals are necessary for normal head and facial formation in all organisms.

As Biodynamic 
Craniosacral Therapists, we have been aware of this information for quite some time due to the research and generous sharing of associate professor of anatomy and embryology at the University of Maasricht, Holland, Jaap van der Wal:

How this translates into Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy: This bioelectric field is what organizes form all together. As an embryo we begin our formation very similar as a mineral by growing out into the world in a somewhat disorganized fashion. Then magically a bioelectric streak of light appears, creating a mid-line and the whole growth pattern of the embryo changes into something more organized. It becomes more organized by initiating the movements of our growing patterns into spirals. The folding of the embryo is because of the energetic field coming through, (as you can physically see in the video posted above).

The World is alive and we are in relationship with it. Science is just beginning
to understand living physiology. All life grows and moves in spirals. (Check out Viktor Schauberger’s research of fluidic vortexes and the movement in nature.) Our Being is not separate from all cosmic forces at play. We are creatures that are surrounded by an environmental field. We are made mostly of water and our environment (which is also a part of us both energetically and physically) organizes a fluid body where the energetic qualities of our being and feeling bodies (autonomic nervous system) meet. Our physical body is where the metaphorical and more solid essences manifest into form. All these layers are grounded by a deep and knowing Stillness that births the potency to drive and organize all these forces at once. When we look at the body this way it
becomes clear. Form is organizing the fluid within the field AND form becomes denser as it comes to center into the physical.

For more information to gain clarity of the fluid body of which I speak check out some of the highlights of Joseph Chilton Pearce’s research here:

The body has many different rhythms and when you bring it together you have
biodynamic forces. The expression of them all is a reflection of what is happening in the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system. Which is in essence to what we are listening too and helping to balance during a craniosacral session. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a particular approach into the study of the natural and creative forces that organize the human body. The forces that are found throughout the natural world are the same forces that we carry within your physiology. They include a subtle ordering principle that drives the creation, development and maintenance of all systems. Within the expression of these forces is a polyrhythmic movement that is stable and palpable, moving in cycles and spirals known as Primary Respiration. This movement is omnipresent in all living organisms and it moves in a natural expansion/contraction pattern that is very different than the respiratory breath and the heart beat. Interactions with the movements present in craniosacral understanding can have remarkable health benefits.

Dominique Clothiaux RCST®, is a Licensed Midwife
specializing in out-of-hospital birth, Horse-Woman,
and Mother living in Charlottesville, Va.