BCTA/NA is pleased to offer this special online Continuing Education Class for both BCTA/NA members and nonmembers.
The class will satisfy 7 Continuing Education hours required for RCST renewal, 
and 7 NCBTMB CEUs are available upon request.

Out of Sorts?

Self Care for Thriving During This Pandemic Time
HeartMath's Resilience Advantage®
January 11, 18, and 25, 2021
4:00 - 6:30 pm Pacific


Something unexpected happens when we shift from fear to managed concern.

We discover easy access to life-affirming attitudes and internal wisdom, and in this pandemic season, that’s as good as magic.

But until we learn to experience these times in a different way, the low-hanging fruit of fear is easy to grasp. 

Maybe you are triggered by the news and its dire predictions or, perhaps, it’s a disappointing conversation that has your nerves on edge. 

It could be you’re feeling lonely or just the opposite—exhausted because children and partners are filling the space you once had to yourself. 

Some of us respond with thin-skinned defensiveness while others huddle in a tight ball of emotional protection. Or maybe we lash out in an attempt to regain power even though certainty is out of reach for the time being.

Regardless of the details, emotional drain takes a toll, and if we experience it day-after-day, our energy dips below what we can recoup.

The triggers and the responses vary, but the result is the same. 


If that’s been your experience recently, now is the time to shift from fear to managed care while being lifted by the company of others. 

HeartMath’s Resilience Advantage® is an antidote to the disconnection most of us are feeling. 

This online training is a combination of learning and small-group practice.

We’ll explore with others the emotions that lead to depletion and practice shifting our attitudes so our immune systems are strengthened, and we can create genuine peace-of-mind.

This class won’t eliminate the virus that is circling the planet, but it will provide scientifically-proven tools that empower us to make better choices and create more joy—right here, and right now.

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To view HeartMath's  a 5-minute introductory video, The Importance of Resilience, click here.  

Watch a video on the Scientific Foundation of HeartMath System here

Ellen Synakowski Webster, RCST®, is offering this class at special discounted prices for BCTA/NA.
BCTA/NA Members: $129 
with the option to choose a reduced tuition of $99

Non-Members:  $149


This is a 3-session class to be held on January 11, 18 and 25, 2021 ~ 4:00 - 6:30 pm Pacific.
A recording will be available to class participants for 7 days following each session.

Ellen Synakowski Webster RCST®, is a former BCTA/NA board member and a HeartMath certified trainer. Her business focuses on women who take on the lion’s share of emotional work in relationships so others have a sense of ease. She guides these women from depletion and disconnection to vitality where they can then experience peace in deeply-connected and more equitable relationships. Her work also extends to couples and families. www.EllenWebster.com