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2019 Related Seminars

MAY 27 – 31, 2019

Alison Hazelbaker, RCST®
Course Title
:  Craniosacral Therapy for Infant Breastfeeding
Course Fee: $1005 US
Course Location: Duncan, BC
More Information: Contact: Jessica Buell or Alyssa Ryan
614 326 3504 | Email | Website
Additional Notes:  This workshop is being hosted by Cowichan Valley Craniosacral.  An interview with Alison Hazelbaker on this course is available.  Course description is available via a PDF file and on the website listed above.


Mary Louise Muller, MEd, RCST®
Course Title
Natural Facial Rejuvenation Level 1
Course Fee$397
Course LocationHOME STUDY
More Information:
951-677-0652 | Email | Website
Additional NotesCombines biodynamic craniosacral, oriental medicine and the neuroscience of Dr. Stephen Porges of the social engagement nervous system.


Myrna Martin, RCST®
Course Title
:  Video Series – Healing Early Developmental Trauma 
Course Fee: $1000 plus shipping
Course Location: Your home, or with a group in your community
More Information:
250-509-1033 | Email | Website
Additional Notes:  I developed this Video Series as not everyone can come to a Summer Residential or a full 10 Module face to face training. I feel the information in pre and perinatal knowledge is essential for all RCST®’s to fully meet all levels of their clients. This series is now on sale until Jan. 31…great to purchase and watch as a group while discussing the material and supporting each other.

2018 Related Seminars


Myrna Martin, RCST®
Course Title
:  Pre and Perinatal Professional Training
Course Fee: Varies with different payment plans, most $1000 per module
Course Location: Santa Cruz, CA
More Information:
250-509-1033 | Email | Website
Additional Notes: This professional training is open to a variety of professional disciplines. It is particularly valuable for biodynamic craniosacral therapists who wish to expand their ability to work with all ages, widening and deepening therapeutic verbal, energetic, somatic tracking skills. This training will enhance your skills establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries and nervous system regulation in yourself and clients, understanding the physiological, neurological, epigenetic and emotional basis of early trauma and the imprinting process. You will further your abilities in containment, orienting, resourcing, empowering and recognizing early imprints in individual, family and couple dynamics. It is really part of the ground for being a practitioner supporting healing: Biodynamic CS and PPN knowledge, art and skill.

SEPTEMBER 13 – 16, 2018

Kate White, RCST®
Course Title
:  Introduction to Pre and Perinatal Dynamics™
Course Fee: $550 30 days prior, 625 thereafter
Course Location: Keswick, VA
More Information:Bridge Between the Worlds Retreat Center
434 996 2002 | Email | Website
Additional Notes:  This course in Prenatal and Perinatal Dynamics™ offers the basic building blocks for working early overwhelming states that may occur starting preconception, including conception, pregnancy, birth and attachment.  Often called early developmental trauma, recognition, reaching and healing ruptures or interruptions in development from this early time are increasingly seen as the cracks in the foundation of human health.  Current healing science now includes overwhelming childhood experiences and ancestral patterns; the prenatal and perinatal period is the missing piece. This introductory workshop will give you tools so you can normalize early difficulty and have a skill base to help families get the best possible start and individuals onto the healing path.  The first step is working with your own internal states and is vital to the relationship you establish with your client base.  Our course combines early trauma resolution with midwifery model of care.  

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