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The Three Hearts: The Biodynamic Field & the Childbearing Years

Join Pre- and Perinatal authority, Myrna Martin, for an in-depth look at the dynamics of the field created by parents and child pre and post-delivery. Learn how BCST can support the entire family around the birth experience. (1 hr)

The Gut/Brain Connection

Kate Klemer,RCST®,DC details the interdependency of gastrointestinal health and brain function. Using leading-edge science, she explores how diet, environment and medications can influence our brain via the gut and vice versa. (1hr, 6 min)

BCST and Working with Animals

Animal expert Joyce Harader, takes us on a fun and sometimes surprising journey through the world of working with animal companions. Meet dogs, cats, guinea pigs and parrots, as we explore the dynamics of the animal kingdom. Includes a moving demo of her work with a horse, and a special section about supporting our working animal friends. (1hr, 27 min)

The Embodiment Tide
In the evolution of BCST, the Embodiment Tide is a relatively recent discovery in biodynamic healing. Scott Zamurut discusses the history and significance of this potentially life-altering therapeutic tool, including a live demo of how to effectively meet this tide in a session. (1 hr, 26 min)

Nervous System Resiliency
Science is just beginning to understand the implications of nervous system resiliency and its role in supporting health. Learn about the next frontier in energetic healing with Roger Gilchrist, international teacher, author and energy medicine alchemist. (38 min)

The Body’s Security System
Trauma resolution adept, Brigit Viksnins is the creator of Alchemical Alignment: Bodywork for Trauma Resolution and Embodiment of Spirit. With a lively presentation style and engaging commentary, she illustrates her system for identifying and working with patterns of autonomic nervous system trauma to cultivate a greater capacity for self regulation. (58 min)

Mini Lectures

Walking the Chartres Labyrinth
Interdisciplinary practitioner, Sheila Sprmulli takes us on a journey through the labyrinth, illustrating how the intricate patterns of the mystical form correlate to stages of embryological development. (15 min)


Dancing With Your Demons: Integrating Shadow
Rebekah Crown demonstrates a biodynamic approach to making friends with your shadow self, and turning demons in to allies for healthier living. (23 min)


Trigeminal Nociceptive Facilitation
Industry gurus, Christopher and Mary Louise Muller, give us a thorough review of a common nerve pathology, including effective ways to address this expression of health in a client’s system. (26 min)


Conus Medullaris as a Neutral Pole for the Spinal Cord
Christopher Muller illustrates how working with this one central point on our client’s body can affect dramatic change on many levels. (25 min)


Healing the Tai Chi Push Hands Way
Practitioner and Qigong Healer, Bob Gardner, leads us through a playful Tai Chi partner exercise to experiment with how we hold and release trauma and tension in our bodies. (20 min)


Wisdom Healing Qi Gong
Internal Martial Arts expert, Jeraldine Peterson-Mark, leads the audience in a gentle movement pattern to engage and enliven the hips, spinal column and shoulders by activating the flow of healing life force energy through the central nervous system.(23 min


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