Brochure Download Page

On this page you will find materials that you can use in your practice and promotion of BCST.

We are offering you three versions of material one might find in a brochure on BCST. These can be downloaded by clicking the icons below

1. A PDF version of a BCTA/NA Approved Trifold 8 1/2″ x14″ (open size) Brochure. There is a section at the bottom of the middle panel which will appear as the back page when folded, where you can add your own picture and practice information. The text of the brochure should not be edited if you use this PDF version since it bears the official Association Logo on the cover panel. After you download the file and open it using the Adobe Reader you may print the brochure directly or add your name, credential and contact information in the form fields before printing.  A copy containing your information can be saved to send to a printer. Instructions for entering your information follow this section.

Download PDF

2. Text of the brochure in Microsoft Word format. You are free to select and edit this content to create your own custom brochure or pamphlets, including your own teacher or student logo and information unique to your practice.   You are fully responsible for the accuracy of any claims you make regarding efficacy in treating medical conditions.
Note: after downloading zip file click on it to open as a Word document

Download Word Document

3. A PowerPoint. This can also be edited or you may be used as it is.
Note: after downloading zip file click on it to open as a PowerPoint document

Download Powerpoint

Instructions for entering your contact information into the pdf you downloaded in #1 above.

Open the downloaded file using Adobe Reader.

On the second column to the left of the brochure cover (page 1) you will see a blank area with a blue box below it.  That is the space that will contain an uploaded photo followed by six lines that you can use to enter contact information for your practice.

As you move your cursor over each line you will see a suggestion regarding what information you might choose to include on that line such as name, credentials, business name, address, phone and website.  You may use these lines for any information you wish to display, simple click in the outline of the box that appears and type in your information.

If you wish to include your picture move the middle of the white space and click.  A box will appear briefly, then a screen to allow you to browse to the file on your computer that contains the image you wish to select and insert.  The image can be in color or black and white but should be in the approximate proportions of the box you see since it will be the approximate proportions of the box you say since it will be constrained by those boundaries and cannot be edited once inserted.  When selected hit OK and it will appear in your brochure. Note the light blue boxes indicate the location of text you can enter will not appear on the printed result.

Once completed you may use the “Save as” command in the “FILE” pull down to save a copy of the brochure with the information you added.  

You may print copies on your own printer or take this file on a memory stick to a local printer such as Kinko’s for quantity printing.
Print in duplex mode (front to back). Remember when selecting paper that it should be opaque so that the image on the backside doesn’t bleed through to the front and heavy enough to standup in a rack when folded.