Self Care

During each membership year, between June 1 and May 31 of the following year, in order to maintain your RCST® status, it will be necessary to receive a minimum of four self care sessions. These sessions must be with a professional who has been in the healthcare field for a minimum of eight consecutive years.

Beyond that there is considerable flexibility, as your sessions may
be from such people as credentialed psychotherapists, psychologists
or psychiatrists, RCST®s, MSWs or Somatic Experiencing practitioners. (In the instance of an RCST®, the designation has only been granted for about 6 years, but such a person may have had previous experience in other modalities to make up the 8 consecutive years, or may have been practicing CST prior to the granting of the designation.)

You need to sign your log verifying the date of each session. This log will be part of your renewal requirements for 2009. Your sessions may be in person or over the phone and must be one-on-one, not group.

To download a self care log, click here.