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Hear from exciting international presenters who are experienced and inspiring therapists and teachers. Gain insight and discover balance for your private practice and personal health journey. See the complete Conference program.

We are pleased to welcome these wonderful speakers:

Karen Henderson, RCST®
Keynote Speaker 

Amahla Johnson
Sound Healer 

Josef Steiner, RCST®, TRE
Soma Breathwork


Bhadrena Tschumi, RCST®, MA, SEP
Riding the Virtual Waves of the Tide


Sid Hawkins, RCST®, RMT
Beyond the Binary - Tools for an Expansive Practice



Sarah Nesling, BCST
Sacred Space - Supporting Pregnancy and Babies

Frank Carbone, CMPT
Womb Continuum

Simon Gosling, RCST®
Tissue Memory – The Repository of Procedural Memory

Ellen Groesser, MSc, BCST
Stillness and Bliss - New Aspects for our Practice


Steve Haines, BCST, DC
Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE)



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Registration Fee:  $150 USD per person

Please register by September 8, 2020
Registration fees are non-refundable.